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    If you have struggled with fat storage with packing on the pounds in those nagging problem areas, like your lower body, love handles or belly and if you are sick and tired of:

  • Wasting money on gym memberships
  • Boring workouts
  • Continuously gaining weight
  • Nagging back and hip pain
  • Feeling tired and out of shape
  • Weight loss programs that don't work or only produce temporary results
  • then i have some

    great news for you

    Hundreds of people have finally found the results they were always looking for at the EarthFIT Personal Training Facilities.

    We have studied hard and worked our butts off to learn from the best about the most efficient, fat melting, metabolism boosting programs. In fact, after years of producing insane results for hundreds of people, the EarthFIT programs were featured in numerous publications and networks such as Men's Health Magazine, NY1 News, Fox News, and SELF Magazine, just to name a few. The EarthFIT training programs that have been featured in these publications are some of the same programs that we use at our training facility, except we are constantly improving upon them and building more value. The personal training programs have created rapid fat loss in trouble spots like the belly, hips, thighs and arms, as well as relieved years of continuous and chronic hip and back pain.

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  • I'm feeling really excited about what EarthFit did for me these last threeand a half months... Accountability, healthy eating and a structured training program in a less intimidating environment. I love the training style and the entire program. They told me exactly what to aim for and what they thought I could achieve but most importantly, they showed me how to do it. Thanks EarthFIT for the healthiest mind and body I have ever had! -Mauraid

  • I was diagnosed with RA ten years ago. I have been taking Enbrel injections weekly for those ten years. My weight gain was part due to the RA, and part fear. Obviously when I didn't feel good (my arthritis is all over - knees, wrists, elbows, feet) I couldn't work out. And when I did feel good, I was afraid to do anything too strenuous - worried that I would aggravate the RA. -Kori

  • I have taken classes at gyms for 20 years or more and I achieved a certain degree of fitness with periodic lapses and weight gains... Nobody monitors your progression...no accountability... I discovered Earthfit. Finally a solution to plateaus and slack offs. I can honestly say that I have never been involved in a program as great as Earthfit...when you become an Earthfitter you can expect encouragement... -Paula

  • I was greatly over weight and was diagnosed with hypertension. I had headaches, was depressed and my health was declining. I made a phone call that truly changed my life. I started working with Seana Hart to achieve my fitness goals. Seana has become my mentor. She has inspired me like no other. She is extremely committed, easy to work with, well educated and professional. -Cindy

  • Earth fit has given me the chance to finally do what I promised myself I would do: get in better shape, do what I need to do for my physical and mental health and to fight the aging process the best way possible! -Kate

  • My experience at EARTH fit has been life changing. I'm a typical teenager who loves junk food but the junk food was getting the best of me. By joining EARTH fit with my mom I have learned to eat clean and lead a much healthier lifestyle resulting in more energy and more of a positive attitude. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration - Devin

  • It was a dream come true when EarthFIT opened two months before our wedding day. EarthFIT was exactly what my fiance and I needed to get into shape. Our trainer really focused on helping us achieve our goals leading up to our big day. Now 6 months later we are still EarthFIT clients and still have the same great trainers to push us to maintain our strength. - Kristin

  • Best workout ever!!!! This is exactly what a busy lifestyle needs, the greatest workout with measured results in a class time that is less than 45 minutes. The results in 3 months time have been amazing. The Trainers are fantastic... a wealth of knowledge, serious but nice! Workouts that are geared for you as an individual even though you are in a small group environment. Great class sizes, convenient location, clean facility, easy to schedule the classes you want, and many educational emails! - Andrea

  • I would highly recommend EarthFIT to anyone and everyone! I have always considered myself athletic but the last few years my working out has started to take a backseat to the rest of my life. I lacked motivation and also notice the pounds on the scale slowly creeping up. I started EarthFIT about 3 months ago and I cannot believe the progress I have seen and also the motivation I have to wake up early to go to class 3 x week! - Amanda

  • After 6 months at EarthFIT NF I have lost 13 lbs, gained muscle, and changed my body! This facility is ADDICTIVE! I can't wait to get there and work with my trainer! If you are looking for motivation - EarthFIT NF is the place to be! - Val

  • I have been at EarthFIT NF with this Trainer for 8 1/2 months. The weight training is great, I feel better, have more energy, I have lost some weight but that was not my goal. I wanted to get fit. All I was doing was walking 2 miles a day. The Trainers are committed to helping you accomplish what you want. In the 30 to 35 min. of work out you that you get and the stretching at the end just makes you feel WONDERFUL - Guyllen

But enough about us, we are here to talk about you and your goals, that's why we created our highly specialized assessment so we can map out your goals and monitor your progress.

The Fat Melting health optimizing fitness formula

Applied by our new Fairfield Personal Trainers

Our Fitness Formula blends 7 of the most up-to-date, Latest research and
necessary styles of personal training that are proven to improve hormone function
and maximize your metabolism

  • Strength Training

    The BEST way to lean up and maximize fat loss. Forget the myth that this can bulk you up.

  • Endurance Training

    The best way to shape and tone the muscles as the fat melts away from your body.

  • Stability Training

    The best way to improve balance, coordination and mental function by training in an unstable environment and recruiting hard-to-target muscle fibers.

  • Flexibility Training

    We aim to stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones for an overall balanced body for everyday life.

  • Mobility Training

    The best way to improve the range of motion in your joints to prevent injury and help you move fluidly and pain free.

  • Cardio Training

    Every training has a cardio component to maximize blood flow and oxygen to the working joint and muscles to detoxify the body and strengthen the heart.

  • Earthfit Fuel

    A simple eating style that provides an optimal amount of nutrients and the right amount of calories to fit your lifestyle and goals.